Bath Seats for Babies

Bath Seats for Babies


Bath seats for babies are recommended from age six months to two years. They are not to be used for infants who cannot sit upright yet. A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that 90% of the infant drowning cases are due to lack of parental supervision because parents tend to leave their children alone during bath in a seat. We recommend to visit our site for mothercare voucher codes.

While bathing, your baby will like to play longer on his baby bath and you can allow him to sit. With a bath seat, there is nothing to worry because the seat is affixed on the side of a tub. The bath seat is a small chair that is firmly placed to the side of the tub so that it will not glide into the water or worse, tip over. It is actually slip-resistant. However, even with a bath seat, always ensure safety and fun during bath time.

What makes the bath seat stable and still? Here are some of the features of a bath seat:

Suction cups or adhesive pads: Attached on the back and bottom of the chair are suction cups to affix the tub to the floor surface. Ensure that the suction cups are thoroughly wet. If not, there is danger of the seat slipping and may injure your infant or accidentally drown. There are also other designs with adhesive pads for rough or uneven surfaces for the same purpose.

Legs: For stability, many bath seats have legs with suction cups at the bottom of each leg.

Arm: Manufacturers have new toddler bath seats with a solid arm that extends to the bath tub side, and steadies the baby seat.

There are other features of a baby bath seat that you can find in many models or designs in the market. These include:

T-bar: Slipping during bath time can be dangerous with infants and toddlers. That is why bath seats are designed with a T-bar so the infant can sit in an upright position very comfortably. This feature makes it also easy for you to slip in and lift your infant into position by just pulling the top open.

Toys and push buttons: Baby’s attention can easily be distracted by the water and when they do, they become restless, jiggle and wriggle. Some bath seats are designed for making bath time fun and enjoying like spinning toys and push buttons. When bath seats have this features make sure that they are not sharp or dangerous so they will not harm or injure your child.

Rotating seat: For easy bathing, there is a swivel baby bath seat. Parents can simply rotate the chair around to completely wet and soap the baby in areas that are hard to reach. Infants are also comfy because the elbow rest are padded. This will also lessen your back pains during baby baths.

Fold-Away: When you are buying bath seats for babies, choose one that is light, solid, long-lasting and can be stored away easily. Some bath seat can be folded easily. They come with slide locks feature too.

So the next time you shop for bath seats for babies, always consider security, stability, adjustability, safe distractions and convenience.

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